Site Specs
Enterprise Construction Management App

Site Specs is a construction management application that leverages APIs and machine learning algorithms to automate data collection and reporting. By integrating machine learning algorithms and APIs, Site Specs makes simple daily reporting tasks like progress photos extremely powerful.

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Adult Content Platform

Adult content building platform in which users can deploy their own subscription content sites. Extremely complex architecture with security, intuitive interface for the host and subscribers, and heavy data load.

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Origin Reports
Data Visualisation Platform

Origin reports is a data analysis platform in which users can upload large data sets in the form of CSV files and immediately analyse up to 200 data visualizations depending on the dataset.

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Online Training Platform

Miestro is an online training platform used by professionals and teachers to deploy training content to their audiences.

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Charity NFT Minting

FrenDAO is a charity NFT project that raised money for a fren in need. This project was put together to raise funds to help a young man in his 20s with cancer. Users can load the site, connect their crypto wallet, and mint a Griffin NFT as well as receive a physical Griffin plushy toy.

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Defi Protocol

Concave is a decentralized finance co-op that provides financial instruments for crypto anons and degens alike. We provided logo/branding design as well as UI/UX design.

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Sustain DAO
Decentralized Autonomous Organisation

SustainDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization on a mission to make bitcoin the most sustainable asset class on earth. This web3 protocol uses governance to incentive bitcoin miners to operate sustainably using renewable energy sources. - Sauces

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